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Yep, that's right two HUGE legends of modern fly fishing, in one film. As the cooler months approach and folks start to come inside, a fundraising film night event might be just the tonic for your members/group, especially when it features Joe Brooks and Lefty Kreh, two heroes to so many in fly fishing.

The documentary is completed and has already premiered on Outdoor Channel over the past Father's Day weekend with glowing reviews! We would love to roll out with you a screening fundraising event. With winter on our doorsteps this could be a great opportunity for your organisations to give members an event to participate in for a great cause. Simply a great community/customer engagement exercise while telling a big and important part of American FF history. This too is the very last film Lefty Kreh is featured. His final words you might say. Lefty runs through the length and breadth of the story. It really is Lefty who made the film come alive. He is simply wonderful.

Run an Event

Run a Fundraising Event for the The Joe Brooks Foundation for Conservation and Outdoor Education, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution to the Foundation by hosting a film night and showing the movie, Finding Joe Brooks, is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.

Who could run an Event?

This is a great opportunity for fly shops, outfitters, guides, fishing clubs and organisations to bring members or clientele back to your shop or organisation during those periods of the year where the fishing is simply put no good and maybe business is quiet. Winter is a great example. Why not turn the pop-corn maker on and have a fun filled film night event to get folks into your shop. This is great for you all the while being a tax deductible charitable event to help our beloved outdoors.

How to run an Event?

We are trying to keep it simple with as few moving parts as possible. Here are some details on how to run your own fundraising event:

The process:

  1. Go to the to rent the movie for your event.
  2. You handle promotions to your audience, but we can support your promotions on our social channels like Facebook and Instagram
  3. We can supply a media kit flush with text and images about the film and Joe
  4. Ticket price donation the Foundation hopes to get per head is 15.00per., minimum 10.00.
  5. Once event is concluded you can make a once off donation to the Foundation through the donation page of the website: or by cheque or if using Eventbrite as noted below you simply nominate the Foundation to receive the ticket sale funds.
  6. All donations are tax deductible as we are a full 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution to the foundation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Note: the film in this instance is for an event scenario and can only be used/viewed as a once off and has special licensing conditions for such event type showings

Eventbrite as a ticketing platform

You may wish to use Eventbrite as a ticketing platform to help with ticketing. Everbrite is easy as you can nominate where the payment is to be made. When setting up the event you put in the The Joe Brooks Foundation for Conservation and Outdoor Education as the recipient. Then when event is completed you do not need to worry about making a payment it happens automatically.

This is how it works:

  • Set up an event/s through Eventbrite per event
  • We supply all branding
  • You promote event, we support by providing a media kit: press release, social ready branded images FB/Instagram, image library and 11x17 branded and tailor made poster artwork for your event
  • We support through our social platforms by liking, commenting and linking
  • Folks simply purchase ticket on this platform
  • When event is completed Eventbrite send a cheque to nominated place which in this case would be the JB Foundation

What if tickets are purchased on the night or people wish to make a cash donation?

Simply calculate the number of people by the ticket price and send us a cheque. We will then send you a receipt.

We are flexible of course to work in with you if you do not wish to use this platform.

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